Business Brokerage: The Valuable Key to Business Success


What is business brokerage and how does a business broker play a role in this process? Another service of Legacy Team Associates is facilitating the business brokerage process. To put it plainly, business brokerage is the process of selling or buying a business and a business broker (that’s us!) mediates the sale. When it comes to business brokerage, Legacy Team Associates partners with Vested Business Brokers who has 20+ years of experience in helping everyone in the process and a deal that meets everyone’s needs. See below for details.

Business Brokerage: The Seller

We understand that selling your business is a major decision. You have devoted your time, money, and energy into starting, building, and operating your business. It may well represent your life’s work. If you have already decided that now is the right time
to sell, you want the very best professional guidance you can get. This is when working in tandem with us can make the difference between just getting rid of the business and selling a business for the very best price and terms.

Business Brokerage: The Buyer

This may be a bit premature if you have decided to sell, but it may help in your decision-making process to understand not only who the buyer is, but also what he or she will want to know in order to buy your business. Here are some questions that you might be asked and should be prepared to answer:

How much money is required to buy the business?
What is the monthly/yearly cash #ow?
What is the annual increase in sales?
How much is the inventory?
What is the debt?
Will the seller train and stay on for a while?
What makes the business different/special/unique?
What further defines the product or service? Bid work? Repeat business?
Are there ways to help the business grow?
What can the buyer do to add value?
What is the profit picture in bad times as well as good?

If you’re looking to buy a business, we offer financing and can get you pre-qualified. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or grow your business, we can assist. Contact us about buying a franchise or franchising your current business for exponential growth.

How Our Team Works to Support You


Our brokers understand the need for discretion and confidentiality when an owner has decided to sell his business. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your
relationships with your customers, vendors, and employees are not adversely affected by your decision to sell. The name of the business will not appear in any of our marketing materials. All of the buyers that pre-qualify to see the detailed financial and location information for your listing must first sign a non- disclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA states clearly that the registered buyer will not, under any circumstances, discuss the business with anyone other than the brokers until we feel that it is mutually beneficial to set up a meeting between the buyer and the seller.

Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement

We will list your business on a non-exclusive basis. That means that you still have the right to sell it on your own or through another business-brokerage firm. You may remove your listing with us at any time. All we ask for is 30 days notice so we can follow up with our buyers before we terminate the listing.

All Fees are Contingent on Sale

There are no fees or hidden charges unless we bring you a buyer and they purchase your business.

More Page Views and Click-Throughs

We supply content to forty-five other business broker sites in addition to our home site (which receives over 80,000 page views daily). We have over 306,000 pre-qualified buyers — all of whom have registered with our company and have signed non-disclosure agreements.

We Only Bring You Pre-Qualified Buyers

We make sure that the buyer is serious has the capital necessary to close the deal and is able to act in a timely manner before we show them your business listing.

Accurate Business Valuations

We don’t tell you what you want to hear; we show you what your business is worth based on current market conditions and other listings in your business category.

We specialize in Business Mergers and Acquisitions. Our team of professionals know how to accurately price the assets of your business, calculate the value of the Good Will, and determine the fully-absorbed cost of the inventory. We have closed over 2,500 business deals and do this better than anyone else.

Over 2,500 Transactions Completed