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We are Legacy Team Associates:

Providing You With Business and Real Estate Investor Services

We offer financing and a host of other resources to help build your legacy.  We are passionate about it, and our mission is to help you build your business’ success.  We can be your partners at inception – helping to incorporate your business or the development of your business plan and build your business credit. 

We’re excited for you to take part in our venture exchange and even become one of the companies listed on the first-ever National minority stock exchange. Move with us to the next level in your business by allowing us to help you devise your strategic plan with milestones to raise capital at each stage to aid in the creation of a multi-million dollar empire.

 No other company has all the inclusive
resources to build a family legacy.
Legacy Team Associates
starts with that as a goal.

The Founder

Legacy Team Associates was founded by Sheree Jones. She leads the daily operations at Legacy Team Associates, including partnering with clients to obtain the financing and resources needed to build their legacy.
Before devoting her work full time to Legacy Team Associates, Sheree spent over 20 years in sales and consulting forming mutually beneficial lasting relationships in the health care industry. She has always been passionate about impacting her community, and she works diligently to inspire entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams while having multiple streams of income to leave a legacy behind to her children.

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